RanchoMaria Vineyards
Our Wines
2010 Tempranillo Reserve  - Dry red with deep notes of earth, smoke and leather. One case remaining. $25

2011 Tempranillo Reserve- Very similar to our 2010, Two cases remain. $25

2013 Tempranillo Reserve-  Dry red aged with French oak, Baking spice and Jam notes, a true reflection of the vineyards terrior.  $25

2014 TempranilloReserve -Very similar to our 2013, great body. $25

2015 Tempranillo- Rich red, Frenk oak influence, earthy, baking spice notes. $19

2014 Syrah Reserve- Produced from premium hand picked Cochise county fruit, crafted and bottled at RanchoMaria. Rich intense fruit flavors, a wonderful dry red. $25

2016 Syrah - Classic Syrah made from hand picked Cochise County fruit. $19

2016 Dulce Rojo- Semi-sweet dark red Tempranillo with great fruit flavors, drink slightly chilled for a real treat. $16

2012 Late Harvest Dessert  - 50/50 blend of Tempranillo and Zinfandel, Sweet taste with a dry finish, like heaven with anything chocolate. 375ml bottle, 19% alcohol   $15

2015 Dos Amigos  -  Dry blend of Charron Vineyards Merlot and RanchoMaria Tempranillo, 50/50. Outstanding wine.  $19

2015 Grenache Rose -  Semi-sweet, complexed Rose.  Delicious. $16

2017 White Grenache  - Dry white with a wonderful fruit nose and a long finish. $16

2016 Tempranillo Rose - Just off dry, crisp rose, fruit forward taste.  $16

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